We can provide two types of service for your Business:

REACTIVE SUPPORT – Pay per Incident
  Remote and onsite assistance
  User guidance with a 24/7 help line


PROACTIVE SUPPORT – Per fixed Monthly Contract Fee
  Preventative measures


We offer a 24/7 NZ-based support helpline and a comprehensive ticketing system to ensure that all users are responded to as efficiently as possible. Our lovely Tech Support engineers are super-skilled and can normally fix most things over the phone, but if not – there is the option of having one of them visit you. All you have to do is arrange a convenient time and put the kettle on ?.

After an initial assessment and IT health check, our engineers install the necessary software and hand over to the Tech Ops team. They continue to regularly monitor and update your IT, ensuring that it is always compliant, secure and running smoothly. In addition, you will also be notified when renewals are coming up, or if there are any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and will receive an urgent phone call if there are any serious issues.




WHY: With managed services, we can see problems before you do with special software and our staff monitoring your servers and workstations. What does this mean for you? Issues can be fixed before becoming major problems and downtime can be dramatically reduced.


The benefits of working with Managed 24/7 to create an outsourced IT service desk which supports your business include:


  • Stronger alignment between IT and the business, changing IT from a cost centre into a true business enabler.
  • Improved service delivery and customer satisfaction rates through better event, incident and request management – Saving your IT service desk team time, money and effort on resolving issues.
  • Reduced costs through improved use of resources by analysing when you need engineers available and the tasks you want them to complete.
  • Improved IT staff productivity by advising and putting in place programmes of work which automate many manual day to day IT processes.
  • Greater visibility of IT costs and assets means IT will become more accountable to the business and can enable delivery against customer and organisational objectives.
  • Better management of business risk and service disruption or failure as a proactive approach to IT will give the IT teams visibility of where potential problems may be happening so they can put a fix in place before the issue becomes business critical.
  • A more stable IT service environment which mitigates IT risks, achieves greater interoperability between systems and reduces user complaints.


Included in a contract:

  1. Half day visits per week, plus unlimited call-outs to cover hardware issues and other faults that can’t be done remotely.
  2. Computer maintenance and documentation.
  3. Unlimited remote support via telephone, email and remote access.
  4. Daily / Weekly checking of scheduled backups.
  5. Monthly report of help desk issues, hardware failures, and other computer related problems.
  6. Remote monitoring of Server and Networking Equipment.
  7. Jobs can be booked either from Help desk website, Phone or by Email.



Give us a call: 0800 PC SUPPORT